TERMS OF SERVICE OF THE WEBSITE enjoyfashionpoint.gr

1. Website Services

1.1. This website has been created by Vagio A.E. (hereinafter called "the company") in order to offer instant update on its manufactured products, giving visitors the ability to carry out online orders as well as interact with the company by posting comments and demonstrating their preferences for specific items utilizing the applications of social networking. The current terms of operation and use of the website enjoyfashiopoint.gr constitute binding corporate rules that are imposed and followed by the company while providing its users with the services described to this document.
The user – member of the pages and services of our website ought to carefully read the terms and conditions that follow before using the website. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use this website. By using this website, you accept these terms and conditions in full. The following terms and conditions apply to the complete content of the website.
The company retains the right to revise and update the current terms of operation and use at any time so the users should regularly check for possible changes. Continuing in the use of this website after such changes means acceptance of the then new terms and conditions in full. Every element of this website may be altered, complemented, deleted or updated without prior notice, actions that constitute an unconditional decision of the company. Product prices and dispatch expenses can also be altered in the same way. The new prices will apply to all orders placed after the alteration of the price list.

1.2. Access, Browse and Interact With the Website

1.2.1. To the visitor of this website is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal and limited right of access, use and browsing the website and its published content. This right of access forbids entrance to areas of the web pages linked with the privacy of communications such as the source code or any other datum of the website that is not readily accessible by browsing. The right of access does not constitute title transfer of the website and its constituent parts and imposes the compliance with the current terms and conditions. The right of access does not render the company liable concerning the right use of services of the social networking sites or their applications found published on our website.

1.2.2. The visitor of this website has the ability to intervene to all technically permitted fields, expressing their opinion about the published content, by clicking the "Like" button via the user’s profile on "facebook". Using "facebook" the visitor must know that there will be a notification on the user’s timeline that they “liked” our website. “Facebook” services are exclusively governed by the terms and conditions the “facebook” company has established and are beyond our company’s responsibility.

1.2.3. The visitor of this website that retains profiles on networking sites has the ability to share our website’s content on those sites.

1.2.4. By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to receive email from us. The subscription can be submitted after filling in your name, email address and age to the appropriate field. In case you are no longer interested in receiving our newsletter you will be able to opt out your subscription at any time.
1.2.5. The visitor of this website can take part in web competitions hosted by our website, taking into consideration the particular terms of entry and execution of such competitions.

1.3. Orders – e-Shop Service

1.3.1. To our website can have access juridical persons as well as natural persons who are adults and they can form legally binding agreements under the current legislature. Every visitor that complies with the above requirements can order the products on offer on our website, following the terms of order that can be found in the pages further down of the present document.

1.4. Contacting the Company

1.4.1. The visitor of this website can contact us via email, following the accordant application found on our “Contact us” page after filling in the special message form.

1.5. Service Provider Agency of Information Society

1.5.1. Our company is a service provider agency of information society that runs under the legal domain name enjoyfashionpoint.gr and abides by the specified terms of the 131/2003 Presidential Decree ("Adaptation to Directive 2000/31/EC and the Council concerning the legal aspects of the services provided by the information society, specifically e-commerce in the internal market (Directive for e-Commerce)”, Official Government Gazette 116/Α/16.5.2003). This feature is in effect reserving the rights of other service provider companies of information society and their terms of use, such as social networking applications published on our website.

1.5.2. Concerning the content of our website that the users can interact with using applications of other online companies irrelevant to the website (such as “Like” on facebook.com), the company accepts no responsibility of general and preventive supervision as it cannot be responsible for the information posted by the users. The company does not choose the recipient, choose or alter the provided information. The company bears no responsibility of controlling the information published or stored. The company cannot be held liable for the users’ potential illegal activity. The company will denounce any potential illegal actions that could be carried out via our website (such as infringing intellectual property, personal data, posting offensive content etc.) and is bound to take action in order for the website to comply with the current legislature.

1.5.3. Under the frame concerning the obligation of offering general information, in accordance with Rule 4 of the Presidential Decree 131/2003 the company states:
(a) its full name is "Vagio AE".
(b) the address of its headquarters is: Antheon 15, 14342 Nea Filadelfia
(c) contact details: sales@enjoyfashionpoint.gr

2. Product Orders and Consumer Protection

2.1. Valid Order Requirements

2.1.1. The visitor of this website can place a valid order as long as they have the required legal status in accordance with the Greek Civil Code. This means they should be adults (over 18 years of age) and are not placed under judicial interdiction that prevents them from carrying out financial transactions on their own. Orders can also be placed by representatives of juridical persons. The company reserves the right to claim the costs from the in loco parentis or the legal guardian for orders placed by under-aged or incompetent users.

2.1.2. Placing an order requires:
(a) to fill in the relevant application form submitting the data required for the order validation
(b) to accept in full the terms and conditions of the sales agreement in relation to the commodity on offer, the quantity, the costs including VAT and other expenses, the method of transaction, the place and time of delivery
(c) the unreserved acceptance of the current terms of use that are inextricable part of the sales agreement. To validate and submit your order you need to press the “I accept” checkbox that will emerge before the procedure is completed.

2.1.3. The user can choose among various methods of payment; bank deposit, Paypal or postal payment upon delivery.

2.1.4. The execution of the order request constitutes a distant sales agreement which must abide by the relevant legislature frame (Article 4 Law no.2251/1994, as amended and is in force). The consumer will be informed by our website before the completion of order and before filling in and submitting the application form, about:
(a) the identity and address of seller
(b) the essential product characteristics,
(c) the price, quantity, delivery expenses, as well as the VAT when not included in price,
(d) the method of payment, execution and delivery
(e) the duration of bargain or price
(f) the right of withdrawal.

2.1.5. By submitting the order, the consumer will receive by email the copy of the placed order that can be saved, in which all the a-f above terms are included. In the confirmation email can also be found:
(i) the name and address of seller’s shop that is located the nearest to the consumer’s address
(ii) the method of payment,
(iii) the terms and the way the consumer can exercise their right of withdrawal in accordance with the Article 4 (10) Law no.2251/1994, along with a withdrawal statement form,
(iv) information relevant to after sales service and warrantees.

2.2. Consumer’s Rights

2.2.1. Right of withdrawal: The consumer can change their mind within fourteen (14) calendar days or longer if agreed otherwise without stating any particular reason, returning the product in its original state, paying none other than the returning postal expenses. This period starts the date the customer receives the product. For the consumer to exercise their right of withdrawal, they should fill in and send the relevant document they received by email after completing their order. In the event of exercising the right of withdrawal, the consumer is obliged to return the product in its unharmed packaging as well as send the relevant withdrawal form. The company is obliged to fully refund the initial fee paid by the consumer within thirty (30) calendar days. The fee is refunded using the same method of payment the customer used in order to purchase the product unless the customer paid in cash by postal payment upon delivery.

2.2.2. Right of replacement: The consumer can ask for a replacement of a product if the product is faulty or not the requested one. In this case, the consumer should contact the company and return the product the day of delivery, so as the replacement procedure will be activated immediately. A necessary prerequisite is that the product should be in its original state and the consumer should retain the invoice or receipt. We suggest that the consumer inspect the product upon delivery so as to avoid any mistakes (faulty or wrong products). For hygiene reasons leggings and bodysuits cannot be returned. In any case, product returns or product replacements cannot exceed the time limit of fifteen (15) calendar days after delivery date. Before any product returns it is advisable to contact the company. The requirements for a faulty or wrong product to be replaced are:
(a) Call the company within 24 hours from delivery to explain the problem. The phone number can be found on the “Contact us” section of the website or email us: sales@enjoyfashionpoint.gr
(b) If the product is the wrong one, it should not be used and should be in its unharmed packaging and in the same state it was when delivered.
The dispatch of the new product will take the same amount of time to be delivered to the customer as the initial one.

2.3. File a Complaint

2.3.1. In any case the consumer feels dissatisfied with the order completion or any other reason concerning the e-shop on our website, they retain the right to file
a complaint to the company within fifteen (15) days from the date the problem occurred. To do so, you must fill in the relevant complaint form that can be found on our e-shop’s home page.

2.3.2. The consumer’s complaint will be promptly investigated and the consumer will receive an email answer within ten (10) days from the date the company received such a notification. During the investigation the company retains the right to contact the consumer in order to ask for any clarifications needed. In such a case the consumer would be advisable to facilitate the company providing them with any information asked about the matter so as for the problem to be solved.

2.3.3. Having agreed with the current terms and conditions of use of this website the consumer should know that they are obliged to file a complaint to the company for any matter that concerns the operation of the e-shop before they decide to pursue any legal procedures.

2.4. Additional Information

2.4.1. Additional useful information about our policy concerning the orders and the product returns can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions section.

3. Use and Protection of Personal Data

3.1. The company processes only the personal data that are necessary for the providing of services of its e-shop and website.
These data are deliberately entered by the visitors when filling in the various forms available on the website and are at the company’s disposal after the visitors have knowingly registered them. The necessary processing of users’ personal data abides by the Article 7A (1) (b) Law no.2472/1997 and are not become known to third parties unless the court decides to lift the confidentiality (Law no.2225/1994) or in case of obligations resulting from the Directive 24/2006.

3.2. This website uses “cookies”. Disabling “cookies” will make the browsing of this website insufficient so, it is advisable to agree with the use of “cookies”. A "cookie" is a text file containing small amounts of information which is stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone (device) when you visit a website. The “cookies” will be used every time you visit our website. You can visit our website without having enabled the “cookies” but you will not be able to use all the facilities of the website.

3.3. Processing personal data (as stated in paragraph 3.1.) is done exclusively by people who are in alignment with the company’s rules. For the processing of personal data the company has chosen people with adequate technical knowledge and personal integrity so as to ensure the preservation of confidentiality. The company has taken all the necessary organizational and technical measures for the security of personal data and their preservation against any random or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, forbidden dissemination and access or any other form of illegal process. All these measures ensure great level of security against all dangers while processing them. The company uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure the security of transactions and personal data during your electronic purchase. When paying via PayPal, the PayPal email is stored. The SSL is considered the most reliable protocol for the security of the Internet transactions, worldwide. All transactions that are made via our website are governed by the relevant provisions of Consumer Protection Act (Law no.2251/1994) that regulates issues relevant to distant selling as well as the provisions of European and International Law relevant to electronic commerce.

3.4. Everyone has the right to know if their personal data have been or will be processed by the company. The company is obliged to answer in writing if asked. The data subject has the right to ask and receive from the person in charge without hesitation and in an accurate and easy to understand way the following information:
a) All their personal data as well as their origin.
b) The purposes of the processing, the recipients or categories of recipient to whom the data might be disclosed.
c) The progress of processing of their personal data from the last time the data subject was updated or informed.
d) The logic involved in any automatic processing.
e) If need be, the correction, erasure or blocking of data that are not being processed in compliance with the data protection rules Law no.2472/1997, especially of data that are incomplete or inaccurate and,
f) The notification of the recipients to whom the data might have been disclosed of any correction, erasure or blocking of data if it is possible and does not involve immense efforts.
The right of access can be claimed by the data subject with the assistance of a specialist. The company will answer to any such request within fifteen (15) days, as defined in Article 12 Law no. 2472/1997.

3.5. The data subject has the right to state any objections concerning the processing of data related to them. The objections can be stated in writing and send via email. The email must contain the applicant’s proof of identity as well as their request for a particular course of action such as; correction, pause of use, binding, halt of disclosure or erasure. The company answers to any such objection within fifteen (15) days. In its written answer, the company informs the data subject what actions have been taken or – perhaps - the reason why the company has rejected the request. In the event of rejection the company will notify the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA).

3.6. To claim the rights described in the 3.3. and 3.4. conditions of the present document the data subject or their legal representative should send the complaint to our email address (sales@enjoyfashionpoint.gr) with which should be stated:
(a) their identity, in the form of a legal document,
(b) the specific personal data that the complaint has been filed about, specifying the exact web page those are published,
(c) contact details (telephone number, email address, home address).

3.7. The routine of the above procedure constitutes a binding term of the present terms and conditions and should be followed before pursuing any legal procedures or any appeal that may be brought before the National Court or Public Authority. Having agreed with the terms and conditions of this website means acceptance of this routine for all users of the website.  

4. Intellectual Property Rights

4.1. Rights concerning titles, brand names and trademarks.
Indicatively but not exclusively all texts, graphics, photos, charts, illustrations, providing services and generally all kinds of files are objects of intellectual property and are governed by the national and international copyright provisions, except for the explicitly recognized rights of third parties.
The distinctive titles, trademarks and domain names that our website uses constitute business property of the company. The company retains the right to take civil, administrative and judicial legal action against anyone who violates the relevant conditions of use of all the above company’s properties.

4.2. Copyright; All graphic designs, texts, icons, clothing designs and Enjoy products, original photographic material as well as the design of the website, indicatively but not exclusively constitute business property of the company. Their use is governed by the national copyright legislature. The company retains the right to take civil, administrative and judicial legal action against anyone who violates the relevant conditions of use of all the above company’s properties.


5.1. To every dispute concerning the use of services or any other conflict that may arise between the user of the website and the company, applicable is the Greek Law and every such dispute shall be brought only in the courts in the general jurisdiction of Athens.

5.2. In the event of a dispute concerning the current terms and conditions of use between the user of the website and the company, the former is obliged to contact the company first before taking any legal action. The valid period to contact the company is fifteen (15) days from the date the incident(s) occurred. Skipping this procedure constitutes violation of an essential term that the user has agreed on while proceeding in the use of this website.

5.3. The original text of the terms and conditions of use is the initial text in Greek. Its proper translation in English can be found on the website. If there are any discrepancies the official version is considered to be the Greek one.

5.4. For information, questions or complaint we request you use the “Contact us” section.